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Gridiron Brewing is located in Hampton, NB on the shores of the Kennebecasis River. The brewery's namesake is the Gridiron, a small set of rapids close to an old family homestead. We use local products when possible, complimented by the best ingredients from around the world.  

We promote responsible drinking for our customers. Please note, to view our website and social media, we request that you be of legal drinking age in the country and/or province that you reside in. Thanks! 

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Paddler's Pale Ale
40 IBU  4.5% 

New West Coast US hops with a citrus & tropical fruit flavour. Primarily Maritime malt and aggressively dry hopped for a great finish. This is our flagship beer and a customer favourite.  

Beach Road Rhubarb
19 IBU  4.2% 
Based on a Hefeweizen style, with half wheat and half barley (and a bit of brown sugar for a little dryness), it is a hazy beer. It has a hint of rhubarb flavour, with rhubarb that has been locally sourced and organically grown.  We say a hint, but every growler has 1/2 pound of rhubarb in it! A mix of Canadian and German malts are used for this beer. This will be a summer beer you'll want to have over and over again.
Fatwood Blonde
                  31 IBU  5.2%
A Belgian blonde fermented with Belgian ale yeast to give it a touch of clove. We use a special aromatic French malt for a robust malty finish. American hops give it a nice floral character. We joke that this is the beer for non-craft-beer drinkers. Try it and find out.
Fired Up Red - Summer Session
The fired up red comes around in two ways. The summer session is a fairer red, with the ABV lowered to 5.5% but without removing the malty punch of the English style ale.
The original (in the fall to winter)  ramps that back up to almost 8%, and is suitable for sipping next to a fire or for fighting the next snow storm.
Hours to Fill Growlers
Thursday    6:00 - 8:00 pm
Friday         3:00 - 6:00 pm 
Saturday    3:00 - 6:00 pm 
Sunday       3:00 - 6:00 pm 
Will open by appointment; please contact us via social media or phone (call/text).  
Gridiron growler + fillHooray for deliciousness!20.00
Bring your own growlerSmart thinking.15.00
Gridiron grunter + fillLike a baby growler13.00
Bring your own grunterJust a dab will do.8.00
KegEvent, party, whatever.Call us
We are trying to set up an online store.
In the meantime, DM, email or drop into see us to see about ordering clothing.
Sizes are indicated below and you can pre-order the clothing you want. 
Taxes are included.
No alcohol is sold on this website. 
Trucker Hat (grey or white mesh)
$25 taxes in
Classic Ball Cap
$25 taxes in
Full back or adjustable (Velcro) available
Heather Red Tank Top
$20 taxes in
Unisex Tee
$20 taxes in
3/4 Tee
$30 taxes in
Red Tank Top
$20 taxes in
$60 taxes in
3D Print Magnets 
$4 each taxes in 
$10 each taxes in (doesn't include beer)
Vendors - you can find us with ANBL and we can deliver kegs to your location. Please contact us so we can make beer happen!

Events - hosting a wedding, party, retirement, some sort of event absolutely needing a keg? (Like really, who isn't) Please contact us so we can make beer happen!

Contact Us

506-607-3252  - call or text

74 St. James Street, Hampton NB  

(Big green building and parking on site)

Gridiron Brewing is on tap all around New Brunswick at various taprooms, pubs, and restaurants. We sell growler fills on the weekends from our brewery location. Do you have an event coming up? Talk to us about your beer needs!   

Keep an eye here and on our social media to stay up to date on where we are on tap.